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The Best Of Dubstep HD is a YouTube channel that collects and uploads "The best dubstep songs from around the world, all in one place".

Owner & Signed Artists

The owner and sole proprietor of The Best Of Dubstep HD is Mak Šćeta, more commonly known by his stage name, Makche. The reason of founding the channel was as follows:

"I was just tired of jumping from channel to channel, trying to find my daily fix of dubstep. That's why I started my own channel, and decided to collect all the best songs I can find, and upload them on there." -Makche, on BOD's foundations.

Signed Artists

"At the moment, that just basically means free promotion, and you can leave whenever you want" - BOD's "Submit Your Song" page.

The list of  BOD's signed artists, along with their soundcloud links is as follows:


Shift Four



Marc Fussing Rosbach



The Best Of Dubstep HD has earned a huge, loving community, unusual to those commonly found on YouTube. This reflects via the loving comments, and several videos with no dislikes whatsoever. They have earned this due to the fact that they always listen to the fans (It is not uncommon for a song to get uploaded because a fan recommended it), and reply to almost every comment. They upload songs from underground artists as well as those from more famous artists.

"There is no discrimination on our channel, only pure, great music" -Makche, when asked about the variety of the uploads.

According to the owner, Makche, they will always remain true to the fans, mentioned in their 5000 Subscribers Dubstep Mix:

"I don't understand most famous people. They become famous and then act like they are above everyone else. They forget that FANS brought them their fame, and can just as easily take it away. That's why we will never get cocky, you guys are the reason we are here, and we only have YOU to thank. BOD is the channel of the people! Thank you guys for helping us reach 5000 subscribers! True to the fans, true to BOD! <3"

Makche, The Best Of Dubstep 5000 Subscribers Mix video.

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